Welcome to The Aldenderfer Group

The Aldenderfer Group is a business management firm made up of fully accredited CPAs who specialize in helping small companies better manage their business through cash flow, operating costs, and taxes. By assisting companies with these disciplines, The Aldenderfer Group can make your business more profitable and more rewarding.

Owning a business can sometimes be an overwhelming reality. The Aldenderfer Group can assist your operation with numerous business management functions, most of which fall into these major groups:

Cash Flow

The Aldenderfer Group can assist with cash flow issues. By analyzing your company's financial needs, we can help you determine the best uses of profits, borrowed funds, and investments.

Operating Cost

The Aldenderfer Group can assist your business in aligning these costs with your industry, matching them to previous experience, and showing you how to manage the bottom line without sacrificing customer service.

Tax Management

Tax management is sometimes a gut-wrenching task. Your job needs to be effectively running and growing your business. The Team of veteran CPAs at The Aldenderfer Group can make the process much less frustrating by conducting periodic tax "check-ups" along with long-term tax planning. Remember, taxes are really just another cost to be managed.

Start enjoying your business again. Call The Aldenderfer Group for a road map to controlling your business instead of it controlling you.